Antminer Firmware Download


welcome to the Antminer firmware website. On the left site you can choose the type of the AntMiner or others miners utility and can download ORIGINAL Bitmain firmware, User Guides, FAQ and etc.

All original Antminer Firmware is free for downloading



Blissz Modified Antminer Firmware for download

In Modified Firmware section you can download the special Firmware fo ASIC Bitmain Antminers for better performance and for increase your mining profit. With modified Antminer Firmware you can earn more money. For example: ASIC AntMiner D3 with Blissz modified firmware have less then 20% of electricity usage and 45% more of Hasrate!

Antminer firmware Blizzs
The graphs is illustrative. AMD, ATI and ASIC Antminer S9, S7, S5, S3, A3, modified firmware are not available at the moment.

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