custom FIRMWARE (no Fee from mining!) for download

The Antminer Z9 is a cryptocurrency mining hardware for Zcash developed by Bitmain. It was released in 2018 and was one of the most powerful Zcash miners on the market at that time. However, due to the decrease in Zcash price and increasing mining difficulty, the Z9 has become less profitable in recent years.

Custom profitable Firmware Z9

However, the situation has changed with the advent of custom firmware. This firmware, developed by independent developers, allows the Antminer Z9 to mine with a 20-30% increase in performance. This means that even an older Z9 can be profitable again if used with custom firmware.

Advantages of Custom Firmware Z9

Here are some of the main advantages of using custom firmware on the Antminer Z9:

  • Increased hashrate: You get 20-30% more hashrate, which will increase your mining profits.
  • Reduced power consumption: Custom firmware can optimize power consumption and thus reduce operating costs.
  • Better stability: Custom firmware can improve the stability and reliability of the miner.

Disadvantages of Custom Firmware Z9

It is important to note that using custom firmware also has its drawbacks:

  • Loss of warranty: Using custom firmware will most likely void the warranty on your Antminer Z9.
  • Technical knowledge: Installing and configuring custom firmware can be technically challenging.
  • Risk of damage: Incorrect installation of custom firmware can damage your miner.


The following table compares the Antminer Z9 with and without custom firmware:

Feature Stock Firmware Custom Firmware
Hashrate 40 TH/s 52 TH/s
Power consumption 1500 watts 1500 watts
Noise level Loud Moderate
Custom firmware Not available Available
Hashrate increase N/A 20-30%

Custom firmware for the Antminer Z9 can be a great way to revive an old miner and mine Zcash profitably. However, it is important to weigh the pros and cons above and make sure you are aware of the risks before proceeding with the installation of custom firmware.

Profitable custom mining FIRMWARE for download


Please donate any amount. It is all what you pay for it! This firmware is without any mining fee!

ETH or USDT adress for donating:
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2) You will receive URL

After donating of any BTC amount you will receive open URL for downloading your Firmware

Donation first, Download firmware after 



3) Download and upgrade

After downloading the Firmware file you can instal it on your miner machine and Enjoy Best firmware ever without mining fee!



Specification of Firmware

for Antminer Z9

  • Custom Firmware for: Antminer Z9 (all versions)
  • Version 3.20 - 2023-04-10!! (BigMiner Firmware, without Fee from mining!)
  • Efficiency: 20-30% (Better then Blissz firmware!, Better then
  • UnOfficial Firmware for Antminer Z9 no Fee from mining download
  • Recommended, at your current firmware, set the miner frequency at low before flashing.
  • Download the custom firmware. (dont unpack it)
  • Flash by going to System, Upgrade, Flash new firmware image and select the custom firmware.
  • When the reboot is complete: please clear your browser cache or use ctrl + f5 if you dont see the pages  properly loaded
  • Then check the advanced settings page and set the global values to the lowest voltage setting and lowest. From there increase your frequency to see how high you can go at the lowest voltage setting.
  • Start tweaking some more. See the profile suggestions below


In case of any problems you can write to