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AntMiner S1 Manual_EN.pdf AntMiner S1 Manual
Antminer S1 English Manual
AntMiner S1 Manual_CN.pdf AntMiner S1 Manual
AntMiner S1 Chinese Manual
AntMiner S1 FAQ.pdf AntMiner S1 FAQ
AntMiner S1 Questions and FAQ
antMiner_openwrt20140207.bin Antminer S1 Firmware - 2014-02-07
* Update cgminer to version 3.12.0
* Fix a bug of ASIC status checking
* After upgrade, PIC32MX250 can reset itself automatically.
antMiner_openwrt20131226.bin Antminer S1 Firmware - 2013-12-26
* Update cgminer to version 3.8.5
* Fix a bug of ASIC status checking
* Add two LED function for new control board
antMiner_openwrt20131212.bin Antminer S1 Firmware - 2013-12-12
* Discard the stale nonce when new block is found.
* The default IP is change to