Custom Firmware for all Antminers, Baikal mainers, Innosilicon mainers

20-60% better hasrate

What type of mining machine do you have?
Send me your Mining machine type and I will send you best Firmware ever!



Please donate any amount. It is all what you pay for it! This firmware is without any mining fee!


BTC Adress for Donating: bc1qfu6y0u2denshwy8lucn7q6t9mdhtyvmjucnavq

DON´T forget add your your email in text transaction + type of Mining Machine!

2) You will receive URL

After donating of any BTC amount you will receive open URL for downloading special firmware for your mining machine.




3) Download and upgrade

After downloading the Firmware file you can instal it on your miner machine and Enjoy Best firmware ever without mining fee!


Specification of Firmware

Every mining machine have some difference but in all cases I have better firmware (about 20-60%) than original firmware!


  • Custom Firmware for all Antminers, Baikal mainers, Innosilicon mainers
  • Efficiency: 40-45% (Better then Blissz firmware! Better then
  • Recommended, at your current firmware, set the miner frequency at minimum and set your fan speed manual at 25% before flashing.
  • Download the custom firmware. (dont unpack it)
  • Flash by going to "System" -> "Upgrade" -> "Flash new firmware image" and select the custom firmware.
  • After flashing, check the advanced settings page and start at the lowest voltage setting. From there increase your frequency to see how high you can go at the lowest voltage setting.
  • Start tweaking some more. See the profile suggestions below.


In case of any problems you can write to