Antminer Firmware: Antminer S3

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Antminer S3 Manual_EN_2014.7.16.pdf AntMiner S3 Manual
Antminer S3 English Manual
antMiner_S320140711.bin AntMiner S3 Firmware - 2014-07-11
first version of firmware for antminer S3
antMiner_S320140721.bin AntMiner S3 Firmware - 2014-07-21
No beeper altert when there is no immediate hashing work.
During the normal mining, Green LED is always on. If there is no immediate hashing work for 1 second, the Green LED will turn off. If it lasts more than 1 minute without hashing work, green LED is kept off and beeper rings.
antMiner_S320140811.bin AntMiner S3 Firmware - 2014-08-11
add frequency advanced setting.
antMiner_S320140826.bin AntMiner S3, S3+ Firmware - 2014-08-26
support S3+
MD5: 48B2E769E1B57892B71D488711773002
antMiner_S320141013.bin AntMiner S3, S3+ Firmware - 2014-10-13
update cgminer to v4.6.1;
update miner status page; MD5: 87707C617911E6ABF0870040F773354D
antMiner_S320150109.bin AntMiner S3, S3+ Firmware - 2015-01-09
1. fix bug of negative temperature
2. fix power mistake adjustment.
3. disable VDD adjustment function.
MD5: 3E77FC58E4CF9F6C27810C8154C8B0F9