Antminer Firmware: Antminer D3

All information for Bitmain AntMiner D3. Antminer D3 Firmware download.


I have hacked (noFee) BLISSZ FIRMWARE
for D3, L3+, L3++, S9, S9i, S9j for download here


File Name


Antminer-D3 v 2.02 - 2018
(Hacked - no Blissz fee!)

 Donation first, Download firmware after
AntMinerD3InstallationGuide.pdf AntMiner D3 Manual
AntMiner D3 Installation Guide
Antminer-D3-201711201715-0M.tar.gz AntMiner D3 Firmware - 2017-11-20
1. fix the issue: some miner's chip status is 'x' after running for several hours or days.